Let's talk layers.

What can I say? I’m the biggest fan of playing with jewelry layers. While minimalist, dainty jewelry looks absolutely have their time and place, you will rarely find me without some kind of layering situation, whether it’s around my neck, bracelets, or fingers! Not only does it enable me to wear more meaningful pieces, but it also adds a little flare to any outfit or look.

Before getting into the tips and tricks, let’s take a look at some of the history behind this timeless jewelry trend. Layering dates back to ancient times. From Egyptian pharaohs adorned with opulent gold necklaces to Roman emperors showcasing their wealth with layered pieces, layering served as a symbol of power and status. Centuries later, during the Renaissance, layering necklaces experienced a resurgence. Nobles and aristocrats reveled in lavish necklaces crafted from gold, silver, and precious gemstones, creating a layered display of wealth and elegance. Fast forward: the 1920s experienced their own surge in layering fueled by the “Orientalist movement.” This movement introduced Western cultures to the concept of layering jewelry, previously a staple in African, Indian, and Asian cultures. Women embraced this newfound freedom, adorning themselves with fancy, layered pieces that reflected a break from traditional Western jewelry styles. Today, layering jewelry is all about personal expression. It allows wearers to tell their stories through a curated mix of pieces, incorporating heirlooms, unique finds, and trendy sets.

Whether you're a seasoned pro-layerer or just starting to explore the jewelry game, layering offers a fun way to express yourself and elevate your outfits. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Embrace the stack — Layering lets you showcase multiple meaningful pieces and add a touch of personality, especially for those with work uniforms or a casual style. I recommend starting with our stacker rings, or combining hoops and studs for a slightly elevated look.

Effortless elegance with sets — I am so proud of the sets we offer; Stone Cooper's sets take the guesswork out of layering. With curated necklaces, bracelets, or earrings, you get instant, harmonious looks. They're perfect for gifting (or keeping one piece for yourself, we won't judge!). We launched our Gold Layers Essential Necklace Set this past holiday season, and it continues to be one of my all-time favorite layered looks! gold neck mess!

Vary your lengths and textures — Fun fact about me: I can almost always tell the length of a chain without having to measure it. But you don’t need that gift when it comes to creating your own layered look! The trick is to give necklaces a little breathing room—I’d recommend at least an inch between the bottom of a pendant and the next longest chain. Not only does this allow each piece to shine, but you’ll avoid a knotty tangle. Same with textures! Whether you’re rocking a thick vintage chain, a locket with pearls, or a delicate fringe, mixing up the texture of the chains goes a long way in creating the perfect neck mess.

Confidently mixing metals — Forget the “gold or silver” rule! I am so proud of the fact that Stone Cooper is not about following rules or adorning yourself in any one way. Here are some tips for rocking mixed metals:

  • Unify with mixed metal pieces! Use a mixed metal necklace (we love these mixed metal charm necklaces!) or bracelet to tie in your gold and silver pieces.
  • Go maximalist! Layer on lots of pieces and the metal tones become a beautiful blend.
  • Choose one metal for specific jewelry types (e.g. silver rings with gold bracelets).
  • Love on your gold! With various tones and shades of gold, you’ll add all kinds of dimension to a mixed metal vibe.

At the end of the day, there are no hard and fast rules! Experiment with textures, metals, colors, and lengths. PLAY WITH YOUR JEWELRY. Let your jewelry be an extension of yourself, a way to set your intention for your day. My intention? To look and feel like the most authentic version of myself. I hope you achieve the same!

 xo, Kat





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