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Katherine Sliclen is the owner, founder, and designer behind Stone Cooper. Her love for jewelry began at a young age and has carried a significant role throughout her life. During her school years she worked at multiple bead-stores and studied metalsmithing on the side. After interning in NYC’s diamond district, she decided to pursue her passion more seriously and opened Stone Cooper upon graduating in 2013.

Stone Cooper comes from a blend of family names. Stone from her Sliclen family ancestors who were Stone Cutters in NYC during the 1800s. Cooper comes from Katherine’s middle name. Through her business, Kat strives to create unique and meaningful forms of ritual adornment for the old souls and the young at heart. 

This handcrafted jewelry company exists with a conscience appreciation for quality and sustainability. All stones and crystals are natural and of the highest grade, and oddity pieces are ethically retrieved. Many of the trinkets and charms seen in designs are the result of treasure hunting trips - anywhere from jewelry districts, antique stores and markets, vintage supply warehouses, and everywhere in between. This allows Kat to minimize waste by utilizing deadstock chains and found heirlooms. These pieces are then transformed into the modern interpretations you see today alongside original silversmithed designs; a beautiful blend of old and new. Due to materials and technique, pieces are one- or few-of-a-kind. 

Stone Cooper’s hope is to provide jewelry that speaks on its own and makes wearers feel beautiful inside and out. Creating sentimental talismans that offer protection and empowerment is our mission. In a world where there is so much of the same, finding one of a kind pieces can provide a sense of individuality while also serving as a reminder that our style can change not only how people see us, but also how we see ourselves.

Please contact us with any questions you may have or any inquiries about specific stones, charms or other requests! 
Photos by Catherine Conner